Design Doll Data management

With Design Doll, you can you can add characters to the model by adding various tags.
You can move each tag easily by drag and drop.

Pose Tag

Pose Tag allows you to pose the doll. When copying or moving a model, if there size differences among models, they will automatically complement each other.

Position Tag

Position Tag sets the position and the angle of the entire body of the model. When the model appears to float in the air, please use the “grounding” command to

Scale Tag

Scale Tag controls the length and the thickness of each part of the body. Because offsets can also be changed, you can slide, for example, the entire head of the model forward or backward.

Morphing Tag

Morphing Tag allows users to change the shapes of the model’s face and muscles by setting the blend ratio.

Hand Tag

Hand Tag moves fingers. The details mode allows you to set a different angle for each joint.

Import Tag

Import Tag allows you to import 3-D objects. The imported object will be integrated into the part to which it is attached.

Sketch Tag

Sketch Tag directly paints the model. With the use of ‘Penetration Paint’, you can quickly draw auxiliary lines on the body.

Box Tag

Box Tag creates box-shaped objects. You can draw necessary guiding lines easily by rotating boxes and changing their grid sizes.

How to use each function

Pose Creation (Process) Pose Creation (Practice) Hand Body Camera Import Sketch Tag