We can provide a receipt or accounts receipt issued by PayPal, or usage details statement issued by a credit card company or a Japanese convenience store.

If you require a printed receipt or wish to save it as a PDF file, please make a payment using PayPal and click “Print receipt” on the left of the payment page.

In the case that you require a separate written receipt, please write to “Terawell Receipt Issuing office” enclosing the following three items. It is not necessary to contact us before purchase.

  • A printed webpage to confirm your payment
  • A standard envelope with a 82-yen stamp attached, with the full return address written on the front of the envelope (if you would like us to mail the receipt outside Japan, please attach an “international reply coupon” with the correct return postage prepaid)
  • A note stating “your name”, “e-mail address registered with us” and “order number”

For the correspondence address, please go to the “Terms and Conditions” page on the SiteMap from the footer menu (the address is at the bottom of the page on “Indications based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transaction”)

The addressee of a receipt will be a person who is registered with us at the time of purchase, and this cannot be altered to a specified name. Also, the addressee section cannot be left blank.

The amount and date on the receipt cannot be altered.

Please note that it may take time for the receipt to be delivered by mail.

The installer may be broken.

Please re-download the latest version of the installer on the Download page.

Please make sure you have completed the latest Windows Updates if the installation of a library file has failed.

Please visit the following pages.

How to fix a startup failure

Please check if your DesignDoll is the latest version.

The software could crash when you use the “Doll-Atelier” or “Files containing recent tags” on an old version of the software.

You can check the latest and current version of software available on the Download page of the website.

For software information, please launch DesignDoll and go to “Help”, and click “About”.


Before Ver3.9.8.0:

Please download the installer from the Download page and run it.

When you are upgrading to a newer version, you do not need to uninstall the previous version of the software as it will be automatically deleted as part of the upgrade process.



After Ver3.9.8.0:

When the latest version of software becomes available, an automatic upload dialog will appear when starting DesignDoll.



After Ver5.4.0.0:

You can manage the version using the launcher.



There is no expiration date for the trial version.

Please go to the Download page for details of the limited functionality.

A few issues could occur when using a Wacom pen tablet with the software, depending on the version of driver.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but please try the following procedures:

  • First, make sure the driver for the pen tablet is up to date
  • Then, open the configuration page of Wacom from the start button.
  • Open [Pen] > [Coordinate detection mode] > [Mapping], and un-tick [Use digital ink capabilities]

(As the items above were added in recent upgrades, there is a possibility that you may not find it in old drivers)

A license key will be automatically generated within 10 minutes of the payment being processed.(If you are inside Japan, and you make a payment at a convenience store, this may take up to 4 hours)

Please click “MyAccount” on the top right of the Design Doll webpage while logged in, to check your license key on My Page.

If you do not receive an email regarding your license four hours from making the payment, please contact our Support Center.

Please click “MyAccount” on the top right of the Design Doll webpage while logged in, to check your license key on My Page.

Please visit the following pages.

I do not know how to register my license key.

We accept BitCash ST payment.

DesignDoll only works on Windows, and is currently unavailable for Macintosh products.

Please type in the DA (Doll-Atelier) number, then press Enter or click anywhere on the screen, it will start loading.

Please also check the following points:

  • The latest version of DesignDoll is installed.
  • The number starts with DA (123456 -> DA123456)
  • You have a valid DA number.
  • Check if your software ID has been successfully created on “About” in “Help”.
  • The license registration has correctly completed (Check by loading a file etc.)
  • Try loading while security tools are disabled.

You can create a software ID on “About” in “Help”.

Issues could be caused by security software. In the case you failed to create an ID, please try again with your security software temporarily disabled.