New Ver5.0 update release info!

Design Doll Ver_CurrentVersion_ was released on _ReleaseDate_ ! Read about the newly added features below!

Quickly & easily create new body types!

The Scale Tag’s new Simple Adjustment Mode lets you make rough adjustments to model bodies.

  • Controllers are split between the left and right sides of the body, for adjusting length (buttons) and thickness (rings).
  • Adjust the length and thickness of parts by dragging.
  • Intuitively make body type adjustments, even after posing.

Easier to use Scale Tag!

The current Scale Tag will become the Detail Adjustment Mode, and has an easier user interface.
Perfect your body type in Detail Adjustment Mode, after making rough changes in Simple Adjustment Mode.

  • Click on specific bones to make individualized detail adjustments.
  • Drag the rings to adjust bone thickness on both axis, or drag one of the balls to adjust the thickness of each axis independently.
  • Expand or shrink the whole bone by dragging the ball in the middle of the bone.

Expanded customization potential!

Now you can adjust the thickness of each bone’s base and tip.
Change bone balance and make them narrow or widen how you like.

  • This feature is found in the Scale Tag’s Detail Adjustment Mode.
  • Bone thickness can be adjusted from base to tip by dragging the ring controllers.

Get even more detailed in your adjustments!

When the thickness of a bone’s base and tip are different, you can now adjust the feel of the transition with a Bezier graph.

  • With this, you can make transitions sudden or gentle.
  • A profile of the transition is displayed above the graph.

Height adjustment feature touch up!

To address a variety of needs, we’ve improved the height adjustment feature.

  • Change model heights as a relative percentage of current height.
  • The model’s current height will now be displayed, when opening the feature.
  • Improved calculations added for more accurate heights.
  • Height units chosen in the preferences menu now apply throughout the program.
  • Height adjustments no longer mess up your model’s ground contact.

Intuitive double-jointed elbows!

Now your models can be naturally posed with double-jointed elbows.

  • Just pull the hand controller past the arm’s full extension for a double-jointed bend.
  • The reverse bend direction and angle limit can be set in preferences.
  • This feature can be turned off & on in the Property window.

Improved File Directory Window!

We improved the twd file directory window operability.

  • User Interface layout change button added.
  • Directory level up button added.
  • Previous folder & next folder arrow visibility improved.
  • The outline of the main editing window now blinks, when tags from Library Mode are applied.
  • Icon sizes now retain their previous sizes.

Using multiple models just got easier!

You can now choose colors for each model individually.
In the Visibility Window, you can pick the model’s overall color & transparency, the visibility of certain parts, and even choose different colors for various aspects of each model.

  • Objects now have individual preferences too.
  • Models with no individual coloration will be controlled by the Effect Window settings.

Increased posing speed!

Multiple controllers can be selected by double-clicking.

  • Double-click the hip controller to select all of the upper body controllers at once.
  • Double-click one of the foot controllers to select both foot controllers and chest at once.
  • This feature can be turned off & on in the Preferences menu.

More hand customization!

The length and thickness of fingers can now be adjusted.
Perfectly match your model’s hands to their height.

  • Quickly & intuitively customize fingers with sliders.
  • Test-out variations to find the perfect combination of adjustments.
  • These features were included in the Scale Tag, instead of the Hand Tag, to ensure that adjustments are included in Mix Model combinations.

Improved Text Boxes!

Easily change data values with your mouse.

  • User interfaces automatically change to fit window sizes.
  • Selections and values can be adjusted by clicking and dragging.
  • Values can be changed with the mouse wheel as well.
  • Lock in changes with a click of your mouse, anywhere outside the yellow box.
  • You can also adjust values by clicking arrows with the cursor.

Imported models get color!

Choose the color of imported models.

  • Set the color of each imported object using the Import Tag.
  • Choose if imported objects are affected by lighting or not.
  • Imported objects without a selected color will follow settings in the Preferences Menu.

Easier to recognize controllers!

We added guide lines, that show while controllers are being dragged, to better illustrate the relative changes being made.

  • You can turn this feature on & off in the Preferences Menu.
  • New pose controller icon.

Left – Right Mirroring!

We’ve added the left-right mirroring feature typically found in 2D software.
This is useful for checking the balance of poses.

  • While pressing the M key, a mirror image of your composition will be displayed.
  • A mirrored image will also be displayed in the Camera View.

Improved Flat Image Export!

By popular demand, we’ve improved the flat image export feature.
Using 3D resolution, you can now print flat images not limited to the size of your monitor.

  • New image export user interface.
  • New transparent background feature (for .png files only).
  • Export image dimensions and 3D resolution are now adjustable.
  • Fit Image Within Output Dimensions option ensures no cut off edges.
  • File size-related error fix.

Improved Position Tag

Position Tag was fixed for improved functionality.

  • Snap to Middle option automatically snaps the position controller to the center of models.
  • New controller shape makes it easier to click from various angles.
  • The upper part of the controller now adjusts to the height of the model.

Default Model Changed!

There’s a new default body design for new compositions.

  • The default model’s pose is also changed slightly.
  • You can choose to use the old default model in the Preferences Menu.

Iconic Changes!

We’ve changed our icons, to make them more intuitive.

  • The Settings icon is split into the Simple Adjustment & Detail Adjustment icons.
  • We changed the look of icons throughout the program, to make them more attractive.

New Shortcuts

Command Before After
Export Flat Image None Shift+S
Save Selected Object Alt+S Ctrl+Alt+S
Silhouette Mode S Alt+S
Invert Mask Ratio None Alt+I


We added over 30 new features and fixes, including layout reset, directional lighting, automatic user interface adjustments, and pen tablet support.
22 reported bugs were fixed.

Currently licensed users can update to Ver5.0 free!
You can download the installer, or Design Doll will automatically download Ver5.0 and update itself, after you start the program two more times.
After updating, if you choose the ClickOnce feature, from the uninstall screen, you can restore the old version of Design Doll.


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