Introduction to Changing Model Body Types


・Change the shape of the face and muscles using the “Morphing” tag.
・Adjust the head & body or skeleton, using the “Scale” tag.
(It does not matter what order you use the “Morphing” or “Scale” tags)

Process: Adjusting the face & flesh

1. Click the “Morphing” tag.

2. Click the parts you want to change.

3.Choose facial types and change the blend rate.

Since the percentage of the blend appears next to the icons, you can experiment with blending them a little bit at a time.
You can set the method of adjustment (direction, etc) in the Tool menu under Preferences – Mouse – Slider Mode.

Adjusting the Head & Body

1. Click the Scale tag.

2. Click the bone of the place you want to adjust.

3. Adjust the size, using the various axis controllers.

Overal size.
:Bone starting point
:Slides connecting bone along Z-plane

4. Change the overall size of the model using the □ at the model’s feet.

5. Ground the model with Ctrl+G.


While adjusting the scale of a model, the approximate height and number of heads tall of the model is displayed.
When using or to make adjustments, press & hold [Ctrl] to maintain the relative thickness on both axises.
With one model selected, to select additional models, simply hold [Ctrl] and click on the additional model(s) in the 3D view or tag menu.
With multiple models selected, if you right click on the tag menu (upper right) for one of the models, then click “Mix Model,” Design Doll will merge the selected models into one new model that blends the characteristics of the selected models.


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