Introduction to Moving Hands


・First, determine the rough positioning of the hand in “Simple” mode.
・Next, switch to “Detail” mode to adjust the finer details.



1. Click the hand tag.

2. Determine the basic position in basic mode.

3. Click the mode switch mode button.

4. Adjust the fine details in detail mode.
icon ・Drag the lines to adjust the precise angle of each part.

・Imagine that you are bending the fingers at the joint lines.

・Control finger spacing with the circles between the fingers.


By clicking on “Load from library,” you can speed things up by using preset hand positions.
Since the “Hand” tag was implemented in Ver, it will not be found in data from earlier versions. (Hand tags can be added by right clicking on the tag list for the model in the upper right, then selecting “Hand tag” from the “Add Tag” menu.)
While editing poses, you can open the hand menu by pressing the [H] key or by double-clicking on the model’s hand in the 3D View.


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