Introduction to painting directly on models
This feature was created to increase the efficiency of drawing auxiliary lines on faces, etc.


・Add a sketch tag (not included by default).
・Draw directly on your 3D model, while adjusting pen thickness and transparency.


1. Click on a model → Add tag → Sketch tag

2. Click on the newly added sketch tag.

3. Adjust pen properties
icon A: Pen thickness

B: Color

C: Transparency

4. Turn off “Through” painting.

5. Paint directly on your 3D model.


When “through” painting is turned on, you can paint on the backside of your model at the same time. (This is useful for painting lines that circle an arm, for example)
You can add multiple sketch tags to a single model, giving it a layered effect.
While you have a sketch tag selected, if you drag & drop it onto a 1024×1024 image, it will be imported as a UV texture.


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