Sales Terms

Before You Purchase

Please acknowledge following terms before you purchase a license. These are the terms that apply to your purchase with Terawell. These terms define your rights and responsibilities upon your purchase, and inform you of important restrictions and exceptions. Upon your purchase(s) of the license(s) with Terawell, you agreed these terms as a contract. Please, therefore, ensure that you read and understand them fully before you make purchase(s).

Methods of Payments

We use payment agency systems. For safety of your purchases, your personal information is processed as coded communications, and we do not retain your credit card information, having them strictly retained in PayPal and Epsilon.
Payment methods can be chosen from below:

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • JCB
  • BitCash

License Key

Before you purchase your license key, please make certain that the latest free trial version works normally with your computer environment. For the license key is provided as part of the software product, you also need to agree on the ‘Software Usage Agreement’ presented on the download page.

Personal Information Policy

Usage of Personal Information

Your personal information may be used, besides the purpose of providing this service, for following purposes. Your personal information shall not be used other than for the purpose of providing this service to you and the purposes mentioned below:

  • Re-issuing the license key
  • Responding to your own inquiry

Disclosure to the Third Party

Except the following cases, we shall not disclose your personal information to the third party.

  • When the person consents
  • When it is necessary to disclose it in order to save someone’s life, body or property, and when it is not possible to obtain the person’s consent
  • When it is required by the laws and regulations


Registration of the license key does not mean to guarantee the support. We do our best to answer your inquiries about how to operate the software, but please understand that there may be cases of delays in answering, or of not meeting your expectations. The usage of the software is in principle on your own responsibility. We may, without notifying you in advance, suspend or terminate the sales of our products due to various reasons.

Delivery Timing

The license will be automatically issued within 10 minutes after your payment has been received. Please contact us by the email form in case you do not receive the license in MyAccount page 4 hours after your payment. We will notify you when there are some delays of service due to the system maintenance and such by email, etc.

Return of Your Purchases

In principle, we cannot refund after your purchase. Please check with the free trial version before you purchase. In case of defective products, we will handle them individually.

Shipping Charge and Additional Charge of Your Purchase

There is no additional charge other than the product price.

Expiration of Your Application

In case we do not receive your payment within a week, your application will be cancelled.

Quantity Limit

There is no limit.

Other Sales Terms and Conditions

We do not deliver our products by post or equivalents.

Due to the ‘Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, we may reject your purchases of our products.

If this Terms is displayed in English, please note that the contents of
the English-language Terms were composed only for the purpose of
translation. While we did take great care to ensure the integrity of this
translation, in the case of a dispute between the Japanese and English
versions of this Terms, the contents of the Japanese version shall take

Indications based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transaction

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